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Last modified: 2016. 02. 21.

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Adding a new profile is easy; simply select the "Membership / Profiles" link and follow the easy steps.

Claiming an existing profile is also easy; simply locate the existing profile, select the "claim this profile" link, then follow the easy steps.

If there is a need to correct/edit any profile, but you have not yet purchased ownership of that particular profile, we will do it for you at no charge once we've verified your identity. Due to our website being inundated with an increasing amount of fraudulent email requests, and the unreliability of email servers, we currently only accept regular mail requests. Detailed processing instructions are provided in the downloadable PDF below.

We take precautions to avoid profane, defamatory, and abusive commentary. But, if you should find an inappropriate comment, simply click the "INNAPPROPRIATE COMMENT" link and follow the flagging instructions. If you don't receive our confirmation email after following the flagging instructions, then please check your SPAM folder. The inappropriate comment will be automatically removed once the complaint threshold is reached.
You can use this form to write us regarding testimonials, suggestions, technical issues, etc. This form is not intended for requests to change or delete profiles, and will not be processed for such requests.

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